I have to return some videotapes// Tunnel Snake Set//

who tf puts an assault vest on a noivern u fuck


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*plays 07 runescape theme while we fuck*

no one says gg on showdown anymore :/

tbh mirai nikki prolly the the worst anime ive watched in recent memory it took me so long to finish it

all the characters felt really static and uninteresting


Nike Flyknit Trainer - White/Black (by oizep88ers)

devilbatghost replied to your post: Is SAO that bad???

it’s overhyped but the first arc is pretty solid

yeh the first arc went so hard dude but once they brought in the fairies i was kinda bummed it felt like it was going too fast imo, but tbh im hyped for that next season its gonna be corny as hell more virtual reality mmorpg animes for the years to come

Is SAO that bad???

Just found out I gotta essay to write that’s due tomorrow TURN UUUUP