I have to return some videotapes// Tunnel Snake Set//

Harm’s WayJune 28 2014The Hard Luck


Euan Macleod (b. 1956, Christchurch, New Zealand) - Seated Figure Beneath Rocks, 2012    Paintings: Oil on Linen


the cutscenes in this game look reeediculously good


Naples, 1980’s on Flickr.
Florida spaces, 1980’s.


It’s 12am and I’m finna fck around and see if fire emblem is at walmart and buy it…..

mrmonitor replied to your post “sandshrew replied to your post “Somebody tell me of my mobile blog…”

Just checked it out, looks fine to me. If you’re not satisfied with how it looks you could try a web tool to find the average or some complimentary colors of the shades of pink/red in your icon n header.

thats a good idea breh i had no idea u could even do that and 

1. that dj paypal drake edit u sent me goes off

2. your blog always looks on point

ima burn this drake to a disc…. then…. go… check….

fuck it im putting on clothes now